Hopefully you do not get sick but if it occurs, you will be happy and blessed that Alameda Care Center’s therapeutic gym is taking care of you. The occupational and therapeutic staff have been extremely friendly caring and helpful in working with me. I could not have done so well without them in the short time I have spent time with them. Daily I was looking forward to coming and spending time in the gym. It has been my good luck to have Sayli Kulkarmi, PT and Marie Nicolopulos, OT as my therapists. They are the top notch team. The center should be happy and honored to have them on their staff. I have made the progress that I have is because of their caring for their patients. Other associates including David, and Ami and Siena have been also helpful. I owe my quick improvement and recovery to Sayli, Marie and others. Thank you for caring for me here. Feel free to share this personal note with others.  – H. Monsef

In 2007 my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. Although she was able to live by herself for a few more years we decided it was time to move her to this facility and in October of 2011 my mom became a resident.  I received a call from the facility letting me know my mom had been taken to hospital, where she died on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. I would like to thank everybody who took care of my mother.  This was very difficult for me to do, put her in this care facility, but I know she was very well taken care of.  We all miss her very much…. I couldn’t have picked a better facility.  – Diana Powell


The progress I had must be due to the excellent work my therapist did on me. The muscle strength has been so healing. I believe to had come very far from the first day. I enjoyed the pedal+arm+foot therapy. Ball bouncing, stairs, puzzles, cutting pictures for collage. Then loved playing catch. OT and PT was most enjoyable because I can now do things I did before my operation again. I shall remember all the tips about doing it correctly. – H. Cheung


"So what do you think of the new Physical Therapist?"
“So, what do you think of the new Physical Therapist?”

I would like to thank the therapy staff for helping my rehabilitation. The stay here has been wonderful. The staff is great! – C. Castaneda


Everyone was very good and nice and they did there jobs. I was able to understand them. -J. Nails


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